Traditions of Ukrainian weddings

In addition to the recognized wedding ceremony at the registry office, it is customary to have a few classic occasions if you are planning a Ukrainian marriage. The couple is presented with a round pale breads bread and water during the otsitki. A piece of food is supposed to be broken off, seasoned with sugar, and eaten by the handful. The more eastern european mail brides the breads is broken, the better, because it represents a long, delighted marriage. They are subsequently supposed to crush the remainder. The honeymooners are also given a blanket to move on as they leave the service auditorium. This is intended to be the first step into their upcoming residence.

The newlyweds are pampered by the family’s ( starosty ) on a rushnyk-style embroidered cloth. Shortly before the official festival, this occurs. If the parents are feeling dramatic, they might yet attempt to deceive the Bride into paying a fine by bringing out an imitation.

On the day of the ceremony( Saturday or sunday ), the home may become prepared. Flowers and food were picked, food was prepared, and cooking began, typically making korovai, a special ritual bread made of dough and decorated with birds, flowers, and animals. It was usually made by women who were regarded as having selected traits, including that they were hardly widows, healthful toddlers, and wealthy.

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