The Home Lender with a Consultative Approach

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What Makes The Mortgage Buddy Special?

We make the home lending process easy and transparent for you, with an absolute focus on people & relationships.  Life is meant to be enjoyed, including each and every conversation.

Transparency is key to helping our clients understand and achieve their goals.  Charting the right path forward is a consultative approach we want to reach together.  Use of new technologies and our experienced team allows us to streamline your loan processing and keep you informed of your lending options and updated through funding.

And we are so proud to say...

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Our Non-Traditional Home Loan Programs are Helping Transform Lives

Our unique programs are helping people in traditionally difficult situations…

Here are some of the

many people we're helping.

Business Owners

Specialized programs specifically for business owners allow us to provide multiple business-friendly lenders that look beyond just tax returns.

Foreign Nationals

You don't have to wait for your citizenship to take part in home ownership here in the U.S. Your green card may take up to 10 years, buy your home now!


Excellent rates and flexible programs exist that don't verify income, which makes it an excellent time to review your investment home & AirBnb options.

1st Time Home Buyers

In the current real estate market you need a friend on your side to help you get ready for your first home purchase... team up with us to create your plan!
Nothing down loans are still available.

Gig Workers

A growing segment of the workforce, let us help you with your financing options with a variety of loan programs for non-traditional income. Multiple income sources can be counted.

Our reach is expanding quickly…

Here are the regions we are currently lending.


Lending Service Areas

We are quickly expanding, but the majority of our loan programs currently serve:

  • Washington
  • Oregon
  • Idaho
  • California
  • Nevada
  • Arizona

So what is our mission?


To make the world a better place, and more particularly to improve your life through better home lending.

We do that one human situation at a time… through patient conversation, diligent work, and streamlined processes.


Now's a great time to start figuring out your options...

We know you may not have time to get this done in one shot so our all online mortgage application allows you to get started now, and finish at your leisure.  You can be confident your data is secure with state-of-the-art encryption, and seen only by our fantastic lenders.

And just for fun ...

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We think love comes in all colors, shapes and sizes and love supporting our local communities.

We love helping people modernize their homes and making them more energy efficient.

We love helping people buy a home in rural areas, where they can plant plenty of trees and grow the community.

We support creative exercise and art of all types.

We respect, love and appreciate the infinite nature of the universe.

We know that the energy we put forth is the same that will be returned to us. So in all things we endeavor to do our best, be our best, and to provide our best.

We admire, respect and cherish the physics of our universe.  Atomic and subatomic interactions that can barely be measured, somehow stack and compound into atoms which combine with others similar and dissimilar forming molecules.  Molecular structures of size and quantity combine to form elements and elements interact (or don’t) with each other chemically.  

Then somehow from an elemental & chemical universe, an orchestration of compounds arose as a result of conservation of the sun’s energy, and single-celled bacteria incarnated and thrived, setting the stage for primordial life… and now our humanity is the culmination of millions of years of further biological evolution… 

Until now we stand at the precipice of fashioning computers that will think, positioning ourselves as potential authors of further sentient(?) intelligence.

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With that said, let us know if we can be your buddy .


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