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We strive to make the process quick and easy for you. With nearly every type of loan under one roof, our team will outline your specific options and close your loan efficiently with less headache thanks to our knowledgeable team and streamlined process.

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All Online Mortgage Application - We make it easy to input your info & docs

We know you may not have time to get this done all at once – our easy online mortgage application portal allows you to get started now and login later to upload additional documentation to complete your underwriting with the help of The Mortgage Buddy.  You can be confident your data is secure in our encrypted lending portal allowing for peace of mind that your information is safely managed and delivered to our lending partners.

Home Loans for Your Scenario

The Mortgage Buddy not only has the best in Conventional and FHA / VA / USDA mortgage loans, but as a broker with wholesale lenders across a wide spectrum of lending products - we specialize in mortgages for unique situations, resulting in more options for our customers.
Business owners, drivers, gig & tip workers benefit from our alternative loans as do people using rental income & other pay sources such as 1099, K-1's, business bank statements, and other assets. We have great alternative income lending programs, reach out today so we can discover your options.

Conforming & Government Mortgages & Refinancing

From FHA, VA, USDA with nothing down, down payment assistance programs - even 3% down conventional loans. The Mortgage Buddy has been helping people make home ownership a reality for over 20 years, even if you don't have a substantial down payment. Also, If you have a substantial equity position it may be worth exploring cash out options and/or reducing your mortgage term through an easy refinance.

Jumbo-Luxury Home Loans

The Mortgage Buddy offers more lender options vs. your local bank for luxury home jumbo financing. We have access to multiple creative and standard underwriting options - allow us to work for you to beat whatever terms you may currently have.

Construction & Home Improvement Loans

Whether this is your first time building a home, or you are building a second home/rental property, you need a trusted professional who knows the right path to navigate the current construction lending market. The Mortgage Buddy can help you find the right renovation/construction loan program for you. Our team is here to help.

Home Loans for Business Owners & GIG Workers (1099)

The Mortgage Buddy is proud to offer business owners and gig workers & 1099 employees an opportunity to qualify for home financing. Especially if you have purchased with 'hard money' - allow us to compare your current rates with multiple alternative income lenders. The Mortgage Buddy can help, even if your income doesn't meet traditional underwriting guidelines.

Investment & Foreign National Home Loans

We offer streamlined loans designed to cut out the red tape and make the process easier to buy or refinance your investment home. Even for foreign nationals who don't have a green card. We even have loan programs that don't require standard income verification. Gifting can be allowed for the down payment. Call us for new acquisitions and to compare your other rental mortgage rates... we may be able to improve profitability by lowering payments.

What People Are Saying

We love our customers and appreciate the opportunity to help them with their home financing needs. Check out what they're saying!

"Was very thankful and appreciative of how quickly and easily my home purchase came together. I was able to lock in the rate I wanted which was very well timed and close my loan and move in a bit earlier than planned. All of this in a difficult real estate purchase market, I was able to get the home I wanted by great negotiations and a super fast close. Highly recommend Brian Miner and his team."
Ryan H.
Tesla Manager
"I had a challenging credit blemish come up with a difficult time share company and was unable to re-qualify for Conventional or VA – Brian was able to complete my brand new home construction so I could move in and not forefeit my large deposit. Thankful for Brian’s efforts to help get through an anxious time and complete my purchase. "
Eleanor L.
Retired Navy
"Buying a home as an investment is something we have been looking forward to for years, and were really excited we were able to get the loan done FAST and easily with the Mortgage Buddy."
Sarah S.

Credit Repair Concerns?

We've got you covered.

The Mortgage Buddy has a team of resources and credit specialist partners ready to quickly and effectively help you improve your credit scores.  Expertise matched with custom scenario tools to help gameplan your credit improvement to help you qualify and improve your rates in the long term.

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